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At Vein Specialists Institute in Palm Desert we specialize in a full spectrum of vein treatments, from the cosmetic to the medically necessary. Our highly trained board certified physician, Dr. Kenneth H. Jesser, is a Board Certified Vein Specialist who offers laser therapy and other new revolutionary treatment options that allows us to customize treatments for all patients.

In addition to vein treatments, we also specialize in skin and body procedures utilizing state-of-the-art lasers, light-based therapies, and radio-frequency lasers to treat: wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage, rosacea, melasma, acne scars, unwanted hair, skin tags, varicose and spider veins, as well as loose skin, cellulite and excess fat on the body. In addition, we offer various cosmetic injectables, such as Botox, Voluma, Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse and Sculptra.



Patient Testimonials

Read what patients say about Vein Specialists Institute.

I started seeing Dr. Jesser in November to see what I can do about my varicose veins in my right leg. Not so much out of vanity, but because I have been frustrated over the past couple of years with my circulation…The veins are gone and I’m already starting to get more feeling back in my foot!

Diane· Palm Desert, CA

Very pleased with the progress of my tattoo removal. After one treatment with his [Dr. Jesser] picosure laser, there is a huge difference! Just had my second treatment yesterday, and I can barely see them anymore (and it only gets better with time as your immune system removes the shattered pigment).

Leslie· Twentynine Palms, CA

Thirty five years ago I had my veins stripped, which apparently was not totally successful. I went to Vein Specialists and Dr. Jesser treated these veins…and the results were miraculous. I couldn’t suggest strongly enough that anyone having vein problem go see Dr. Jesser.

Joan· Helena, MT