December Vein Specials

Accepting New Patients during December!
Take advantage of our December Vein specials!
The office of Kenneth Jesser, the longest running vein practice in the Desert, celebrates 18 years of service.
For new or established patients:
  • Sclerotherapy (vein injections)-single treatment to legs now $365 (reg. $425)
  • Vbeam Prima (new for 2019) Laser now $200 (reg. $450) treatment for legs
  • Vbeam Prima Laser to face→ for rosacea, or nose veins.
  • Rosacea: $399 (reg. $499)
  • Nasal veins $250 (reg. $350)
*We generally suggest combo of injections and laser for optimal results on legs.
*Patients may require more than one session, up to 6 treatments may be recommended. Treatments above may not be recommended for your individual condition. Ultrasound in-office may be recommended.
*Prices good thru Dec. 30, 2019; prices apply to payments at time of service by MC, Visa, Disc, Amex, cash or check.
We accept Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross PPO and now Aetna PPO, for medically necessary treatments as defined by federal and state regulations.
To be fair, if you’re away, you may prepay 50% by Dec. 30 for your treatment to be delivered by March 31, 2020.