If you regret that tattoo, laser tattoo removal can make it a distant memory. No matter why you want to remove it, it can be done safely under the guidance of a trained medical professional. 

While it might sound like science fiction, laser tattoo removal is a modern process that’s safe and effective. How does it work? Imagine a strong beam of light focused on your unwanted tattoo. That light penetrates the top layer of your skin and breaks up the ink, which fades away.

Dr. Ken H. Jesser is experienced in laser tattoo removal. At Vein Specialists Institute offices in Palm Desert and La Quinta, California, he can help you remove any unwanted tattoos. 

How long does laser tattoo removal take? 

The American Academy of Dermatology says laser tattoo removal is today’s standard in tattoo removal. It’s safe, effective, and versatile. It can remove a wider variety of tattoos than older methods. 

With tattoo removal, two key factors are the age and coloring of the tattoo. Bright colors are more difficult to remove than black or blue ink. Older tattoos are easier to remove because they’ve already started to fade. The more faded a tattoo, the less ink to remove. 

With any tattoo, expect the laser tattoo removal process to span several sessions to achieve optimal results. 

How many sessions depends on the size, age, and color of your tattoo. Larger tattoos can require six or more sessions with a wait of six or more weeks between sessions. The waiting period gives your skin a chance to heal. But you can expect to see fading after each session. 

Your skin type, your natural healing ability, and the location of the tattoo also affect the length of the process and the final result.

What to expect at your laser tattoo removal session

When you arrive for your first session, we give you a pair of eye shields for protection from the lasers.

Next, we test your skin for sensitivity. That helps us determine the most effective laser setting for your skin and tattoo. Finally, we train the laser on the targeted area and direct light pulses at the tattoo. The ink absorbs the laser light and begins to break up.

Laser tattoo removal can cause your skin to swell, blister, or occasionally scar. However, most tattoo removal sessions don’t require anesthesia, and the process may not feel that different from getting the tattoo in the first place. 

Your session lasts 15-30 minutes, depending on the tattoo and your skin sensitivity. Afterward, we provide you with care instructions and schedule your next session. 

If you have tattoo regret and are ready to do something about it, call the Vein Specialists Institute location nearest you or click online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jesser.


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