SmartLipo™ is a new laser-assisted liposuction technique that permanently destroys fat cells while simultaneously tightening the skin. FDA-approved SmartLipo offers a faster, safer and less traumatic alternative to other liposuction methods, with fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time. SmartLipo is performed entirely using local anesthesia, eliminating the risk and recovery from general anesthesia.


SmartLipo achieves dramatic results by delivering Nd:YAG laser energy through a small laser fiber to fat deposits on the body. The laser not only ruptures fat cells, which then drain away harmlessly, it also coagulates tissue on contact, stimulating collagen production for tighter skin and resulting in markedly less bleeding compared to traditional liposuction. Fat removal can usually be done in a single 60-minute treatment with local anesthesia. Because the fat is melted before it is removed, small cannulas can be used, resulting in tiny skin marks.

SmartLipo is an excellent choice for removing 2-4 inches of stubborn fat from the abdomen, waist line, love handles, bra line, back, lateral hips, thighs, or upper arms. Additionally, because of the skin tightening effects of SmartLipo, it is a popular choice for tightening loose skin on the neck, jowls, or under the chin. It is also effective for the reduction of fat in male breasts.

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