Hair Loss Treatment


Our PRP treatment is a new, non-surgical solution for hair loss in men and women that helps you preserve the hair you have, stimulate new hair growth and promote stronger, healthier hair.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is used to treat thinning hair in men and women. PRP is the process of taking one’s own blood, spinning it down to separate red blood cells (make up 93% of our blood) and platelets (make up 1% of our blood), to produce a solution made up of a high concentration of growth factors to be injected back into an individual’s skin. They are made of various growth factors that attract the correct types stem cells to heal the area of injury. For hair growth, PRP has shown tremendous promise when combined with our other clinical approaches to hair loss. In the case of alopecia, injecting high concentrations of your own growth factors back into the affected areas of the scalp help to not only repair damaged skin in the scalp area, but also aid in promoting increased follicle activity to achieve healthier and stronger hair follicles. PRP is focused on making new stronger and healthier hair, not preventing loss.

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