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Profound Lift

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Skin laxity is one of the biggest issues when it comes to aging because the older we get, the less collagen and elastin (fibrous proteins that keep our skin elastic) we produce, causing our skin to sag on our face and on our body. Imagine if you could find a way to significantly increase the level of collagen and elastin so we could achieve skin tightening without surgery or toxins?

We could slow down the aging process – Profoundly!

What Is Profound?

Profound is the latest in skin tightening technology using RF Microneedling to deliver RF energy at regulated temperatures to precise points under the skin.  This procedure helps with facial rejuvenation, body lifting, body tightening, and fat reduction. This clinically-proven treatment process requires 1 visit, and is superior to any other non-surgical skin tightening.

Inclusive pricing includes Profound, PRP applied topically & injected. Call to schedule your complimentary appointment!



 Would you like to achieve a trimmer, more fit body contour without invasive surgery and a long recovery time? If so, our CoolSculpting Palm Desert procedure may be the treatment you’re looking for. An award-winning body sculpting system that was developed through extensive research performed at Harvard University, CoolSculpting reduces deposits of unwanted fat for a slimmer, sexier you. The best part is there are no injections, incisions or anesthesia needed, and no downtime.

As Coachella Valleys most trusted body sculpting professionals, our team offers CoolAdvantage applicators and Dual CoolSculpting system. While Dual CoolSculpting makes it possible to remove fat in half the time, the CoolAdvantage applicators make the process even faster, with most treatments requiring only 35 minutes.

$600 per applicator! Mini $650 per applicator!

Brilliant Distinctions Members can use your points for $$ to reduce the cost!


Brighten up your holidays with Lumecca!  

The Ultimate Solution to Rejuventate your skin!

Get the most advanced laser skin rejuvenation technology with Lumecca intense pulse light (IPL). Treat pigmentation, sun-damaged, vascular lesions to achieve clear, beautiful skin I 10 days. No scalpel, no surgery!

Special pricing $499 face only, or 3txs for $1197 (savings of $294)



If you would like to enhance your skin to look younger or even prevent early aging of your skin’s appearance, we can customize a treatment plan for you. Our team of medical professionals can provide you with valuable information about minimal or aggressive skin care treatments to help your skin age elegantly. We will guide your selection of treatments based on your needs for anti-aging treatment. Taking care of your skin is a vital role in keeping it healthy, firm, and refreshed. Please call and schedule a time to have a 30 – 45-minute skin health consultation.

ZO Skin Health products are available to help you create and maintain healthy-looking skin. Our full skincare line prepares your skin inside and out. We offer targeted ZO Programs for solutions, which include acne prevention, skin brightening, anti-aging, multi-therapy ZO Hydroquinone and non-Hydroquinone treatments, and pre-procedure and post-procedure systems.

Take advantage of our medical-grade aesthetic facials, chemical peels, laser, and non-surgical treatments.

Free gift with any $250 purchase!


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